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Lemon Soap 100gm

Brand: Aushadh

MRP: 95.00 EU Point: 67.00

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SKU : Lemon Soap

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Lemon Soap
Tone your skin the natural way with a rich blend of fresh juices of lemon & ginger infused with Lemon Oil. Ginger extract and Turmeric are herbs that are traditionally known to cure acne and make your skin glow. An excellent body purifying Lemongrass soap with the wholesome benefit of lemongrass essential oil and glycerin. In addition, it contains antifungal and antibacterial properties that aid in an acne-free skin.

It is an anti-oxidant soap.
Protects against skin infections
Natural deodorant
Help Reducing Acne and treats Dry Skin
It also cures Skin Itching and Detoxifying,

 Lemon 2%, Aloevera Juice 5%, Base (Coconut Oil, Castor Oil Emulsifier) 100%, Colour & Perfume (as per fruit), Preservative

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